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Payment Methods


E-mail: team@shop.manner.com

Phone0043 1 480 29 74
The costs for your call depend on your provider.

office hours:

Monday - Thursday: 9.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m. CET
Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 02.00 p.m. CET

1. general information

In general we accept the following payment methods:

prepayment (cash in advance), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal,  eps- transfer, Sofortüberweisung, payment on invoice by Klarna, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay. 

2. prepayment (cash in advance)

Prepayment allows you to easily transfer the payment to our bank account (to be effected within 7 days upon placing the order). Once the payment reaches our account the order will be processed and the parcel dispatched. An order confirmation email is sent to the email address provided once an order is successfully completed. The email contains our banking details. Please ensure that the order number is entered in the "Reason for Payment" field, which helps us link the payment to your order. Generally transfers take between 2 to 3 working days to reach our account.  As soon as your money has arrived the order will be processed. 

Please use the following bank details for your transfer: 

account holder: E-mazing Shops GmbH
payment reference: order number
Bank: Sparkasse Neunkirchen (Zweigstelle Grünbach)
IBAN: AT29 2024 1050 0005 9641

3. credit card

You have the option of settling the payment by credit card. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express. When using a credit card to settle a payment the total order amount is immediately deducted from the credit card once the order is completed, even if the product should not be on stock at that point of time and will be dispatched a couple of days later.

The Credit card details are not saved by our system and are transmitted in an encrypted format. The transaction is encrypted via SSL. SSL is the highest security standard available, ensuring a safe and secure shopping experience. Thus your order is completely safe with us. 

3-D Secure is a system that provides additional security when it comes to online purchases, preventing the unauthorized use of your credit card. Our system uses Verified by Visa and the MasterCard SecureCode. 

Once the credit card details have been entered into our system at checkout, a new window will appear requesting you enter your security code. The security code is authorized at the bank where the credit card is initially registered. The 3DS code is provided by the bank when you first receive the credit card. If the code is lost, it is advised that you contact your bank. The initial code can be modified at any time.

If you have not registered this feature it must first be activated. This can be done during the checkout process. Alternatively, the feature can be activated on the Visa or MasterCard websites.

Once the feature is set the security code is used for all online transactions. More and more online shops are opting for this feature in the interest of their customers. 

4. PayPal

If you would like to use PayPal for effecting a payment you need to register with PayPal first. If you have chosen Paypal you will be directed to the Paypal website after the order is completed. There you need to enter your Paypal particulars and confirm the payment. The payment will be transferred to our account immediately ant thus your order is ready for further processing. Payments are deducted from the Paypal account immediately, even if the product ordered should not be on stock at that particular time and will have to be dispatched at a later point of time.

5. Sofortüberweisung by Klarna / eps-transfer

By using eps you pay within the well known and secure environment of your online-banking and do not have to transmit any personal data to the web-shop. eps-transfer is the smart and secure online-payment-method of the Austrian banks for shopping on the internet via your trusted online-banking. The payment takes place in the highly secure and trusted online-banking of your eps bank, thus providing the customers with the simple and yet secure payment method for shopping on the world wide web.

Your advantages as a user:

  • Highest security standards & protection of your data (your data will not be transferred to third parties of any kind).
  • Use your regular online banking system you are acquainted with. Simple and convenient.
  • No additional registration or further input of access-codes is necessary. Simply use your usual online banking system (always on condition that your bank offers eps-transfer as a payment method).

How does it work?

By clicking the button for using the payment-method "eps" you will be redirected to the central bank-selection. After choosing your bank you will be connected to your online-banking where you approve the payment (using a TAN or digital signature). Immediately after that the amount will be processed and transferred to ours account. You will receive an electronic order confirmation. 

Please note:

The purchase price will be debited from your account when effecting the eps transfer (even if the goods might not be on stock immediately).

6. Payment on invoice (by Klarna)

In cooperation with Klarna we offer payment on invoice as a payment method. You do not have to state your bank account details and will pay after having received your parcel.

Most important things in a nutshell:

  • All questions regarding your payment are to be directed to Klarna directly: klarna.com or on the phone  0720 88 3811 (Austria) or 0221 669 501 10 (Germany).
  • Payment on invoice by Klarna is currently only available for customers with a residence in Austria or Germany.
  • Delivery address must be the same as the billing address.
  • Payment deadline: 14 days upon dispatch of your parcel.
  • You receive your invoice directly from Klarna and only from Klarna.
  • Transfer the money directly to Klarna's bank account.
  • Important! Be very careful to state the correct reference for your payment. If incorrect the payment cannot be matched to your order.
  • Never ignore a reminder notice you receive from Klarna and never deduct reminder fees yourself without consulting Klarna first!

Further general information:

When using payment on invoice with Klarna the billing address and the delivery address need to be the same (anti-fraud measure). We kindly ask for your understanding.

You will receive the goods ordered before having to pay, because the payment is due within 14 days upon dispatch of the parcel. Therefore you will have received the parcel way before the payment is due. If you have not received it please contact our customer service. We can help you to take care that Klarna will not send a reminder (and charge fees) for products that have been stuck during transport. For further information please check Klarna's general terms of business. We do not charge an extra fee for your payment on invoice.

Klarna will check and evaluate your data entered before taking over to execute the payment procedure. Your personal data will be treated according to Klarna's data protection regulations. For further information please consult Klarna on www.klarna.at.

We have neither influence on whether Klarna will take over executing the payment procedure for your order. If they refuse to do so we cannot provide any kind of information, because for reasons of protection of your personal data we do not have any kind of insight.

Further information concerning the procedure:

You will be notified by Klarna in case you have placed an order with us and chosen "invoice by Klarna" as your payment method. In this case the handling of the payment will be effected by Klarna. For this reason you receive your invoice from Klarna, and Klarna is where you have to transfer the money to. If you transfer the money to a different account (eg to that of E-mazing Shops GmbH) your account with Klarna will not be settled, which will lead to a default action and reminder fees eventually. 

We recommend to check your account a couple of days after having transferred the money. In case your transfer cannot be matched to an existing account with Klarna (eg because of a missing or incorrect payment reference number) the money will be remitted to your account again. If this happens your account is still open and you need to repeat the transaction.

If you have chosen the payment method "invoice by Klarna" Klarna has the right to collect outstanding payments, which includes charging reminder fees. If you think that there has been a mistake please contact Klarna directly using klarna.com or on the phone 0720 88 3811 (Austria), 0221 669 501 10 (Germany) or use the Klarna app to administer your payments there.

Klarna is the owner of the account. For this reason and because of data protection we do not have an influence on this procedure which is completely up to Klarna. This is why you need to contact Klarna directly, not us.

Do not ignore reminders by Klarna and do not transfer money without a reminder fee once charged, for both will lead to additional costs if not clarified with Klarna beforehand.

7. Apple Pay

When you’re making purchases on the web in Safari on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can use Apple Pay without having to create an account, enter card details or fill out lengthy forms. 

When you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number and unique transaction code. So your card number is never stored on your device or on Apple servers, and when you pay, your card numbers are never shared by Apple with merchants..

Apple Pay works with Face ID or Touch ID to deliver two-factor authentication. Which means you don’t need to verify payments through codes, secret questions or passwords.

When you pay with a bank card, Apple Pay doesn’t keep transaction information that can be tied back to you.

Please note the information on the compatible devices.

8. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay makes your shopping experience on our website more convenient by using information already stored in your Amazon account.

Simply log in using your Amazon account details and select the payment method and shipping information already saved in your account. Thus you are able to settle the payment via our website without having to enter your shipping information or preferred payment method. Amazon Pay is a safe and easy-to-use feature that accelerates the payment process.

You will receive an email from Amazon Pay confirming that the payment has been authorized. The order confirmation and invoice are sent to you by us (E-mazing Shops GmbH).

Using Amazon Pay is free of charge, there will be no additional charges. Please note that even when using Amazon Pay our (E-mazing Shops GmbH) General Terms and Conditions will apply nonetheless.

When using Amazon Pay you do not need to disclose your payment information to anybody else (third-parties). Also we (E-mazing Shops GmbH) do not have an insight on your personal data at Amazon, this information is not available to us.

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